Turning Your iPhone into a Dumb Phone

How to Vacation Off Grid

It has never been more difficult to unplug than it is today, and I am sure that will not change soon. That has led me to use a prepaid “dumb” phone in the past in order to escape being connected to everything. My challenge for this year’s vacation was to figure out a way to […]

The 5 Leadership Lessons I Learned From My Dad

Gleanings from a Lifetime of Leadership

I’ve always been passionate about leadership and learning what it means to lead well.  There is so much to learn about leadership from books, conferences, lectures, and the endless information on the topic. All I have learned in those places pales in comparison to the guidance, wisdom, and insight I have gained on leadership from […]

Committing to Clarity For Your Team’s Sake

How to Stop Limiting Your Team's Ability to Execute

In a world that uses the word clarity constantly, I often wonder how many leaders are continually operating and leading from a place of clarity. The greatest gift I give my team is a crystal clear picture of where we are going and then working with them to outline the steps we must take to […]

Are you taking the right kind of vacation?

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin Planning

Summer is upon on us and with that a number of people will be taking vacations with friends or family. The bigger question is whether you are taking the right kind of trip for where you are in life right now and where you want to be. People who are strategic about their life, health, […]

The Rough Reality of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

My 5 biggest mistakes from working with a virtual assistant and moves you can take to correct them.

  After working with a virtual assistant for over two years I am more convinced than ever that a virtual work relationship can work. I also know without a question that it will highlight a leader’s communication weaknesses. Almost two and half years ago I lost my beloved and trusted assistant when her family moved […]

The Hedgehog Test

Getting Clear and Focused on The Things That Make You Great

Few things have bothered me more as a leader than the feeling that I was unclear about what my strategic goals should be. Am I focusing on the right strategies to accomplish my goals and to make the greatest impact? As a young leader of a private Christian school, I felt like I was trying […]

The Challenge of Going Deep in a Wide World

Try out this simple test to measure your ability to do deep work.

I think that few things are limiting high achievers, big dreamers, and world changers more than the overwhelming pressure to go wide versus deep. We are fast, busy, and always making it happen but are we doing something special? In a world where distraction is celebrated, those who choose to go deep as opposed to […]

Why You Should Have a Personal Strategy Session Every 90 Days

The Power of Thinking Strategically About Your Life Every Quarter

What are your quarter 2 goals, strategies, and plans? I am talking about a clear and actionable guide that will keep you on track and inspire you for the next 90 days. Strategy should not be a word that is only used in business. A small percentage of people start the year with clarity and an […]

The Takeaway Report: Creating a 1 page review of every book you read

Increasing the returns on the time you invest reading

If I named you the last 20 non-fiction books that you read, could you give me a summary and the key details from each of those books? My answer would be a resounding NO! So here is my 2016 experiment to read the same amount but remember MUCH more. I have been talking a lot […]

How to Read More Using Audiobooks and Remember What You Read

My Simple Process for Maximizing Audiobook Learning

Audiobooks are a dream come true for those of us with a big desire to learn but a small amount of available time. The question though is whether or not this approach can be used to create significant personal development. Is it possible to create an approach to consuming audiobooks that maximizes learning, retention, and […]